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About Me

Cecilia Lagos – Sports Journalist

I’m Chilean and I currently live in the Netherlands. Before, I lived in Argentina and New York, where I experienced and covered the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11, which left forever a mark in my life and my career.

I love dreaming and making my dreams come true, no matter how crazy or impossible they may seem. That’s how I’ve got to know personally almost all my favorite artists (Alan Parsons, Bobby Kimball, Steve Lukather, Leland Sklar) and I even had dinner with Brian May and his team when Queen+Paul Rodgers visited Chile in 2008.


Ever since I was 11, in 1988, I always knew I wanted to be a sports journalist and a football pundit. It was always my dream. I started very young, at 14, and it took me 20 years to land a job on national television (TVN) where I became the first and only woman to have ever commented and called football highlights on a prime time news show.


Talking about Chile on 24 Horas Central – TVN

I have also had the privilege to be the only female sports journalist invited to sit beside the President of the Republic at La Moneda (the government palace) to discuss the government’s organizing efforts for Copa América in 2015. Beyond any political remark, it is always an honor to be considered and invited by the maximum authority of the country.


Sitting next to Chilean president, Michelle Bachelet (2015)

I’m always asked about male chauvinism in my field and I have to answer that it does exist. Especially in Chile, where is huge and also silent. But it’s abroad where I have always felt really valued and respected, with delightful invitations to be a guest pundit on ESPN’s Fuera de JuegoESPN Radio (USA) and the BBC World Service; also to write for the legendary football magazine El Gráfico in Argentina and the Daily Mirror, among other outlets. I’m currently a member of the panel of judges for The Guardian‘s annual Top 100 footballers in the world, for three years now.


On ESPN’s Fuera de Juego, sitting next to Mario Kempes – Brazil 2014.

I have covered different sports events such as Copa AméricaChampions League (the Lisboa final)Davis CupJuegos Odesur, among others. I have also interviewed local and international sportsmen such as Fernando González, Nicolás Massú, David CoulthardEdgar Davids, Elías Figueroa, Salvador Cabañas, Eliseo Salazar, Cristián Valenzuela, Jeremías Israel, Francisco “Chaleco” López, Ignacio Casale, Natalia Ducó, Mauricio Pinilla, Iván Zamorano, Diego Forlán, Oscar Washington Tabárez, Marcelo Díaz, etc.


This I wrote for the 2nd issue of De Cabeza magazine, tells my story (in Spanish):

You can see my work portfolio on Wakelet, HERE.